Imperium is a military style clan, divided into families.

The four major families are Zxanguard, Dro'bher, Sweetsong, and Myrlind. Each of these families have clear roles, which are explained on their respective pages on this site.

All families of Imperium subscribe to the same founding principles:

  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Morality
  • Honour
  • Comradeship




Imperium operates an open-door policy, meaning that applications are welcomed at any time.

We have no sitting policy and you are free to remort when you like.

Imperium consists mostly of mature players and is noted for its stable and reputable playerbase, however we welcome approaches from players of all ages and backgrounds

Still interested? Then read our joining page for more details.

Clan Laws

  1. A leaders word is Law.
  2. Always keep your honour. Do not spread rumours or trade insults over public channels, in tells or in notes.
  3. All members are required to defend when asked and all sitting 200/201 Sh's are required to offer their services to allied clans, real life circumstances allowing.
  4. Personal disputes are not to be discussed over clan channel for any reason. If you have a problem with another member, first try to resolve it in tells, then if needs be allow a Family Head to act as mediator, as a last resort the dispute may be brought before a leader.
  5. Do not give away clan information obtained over clan channel or in notes addressed to Imperium to anyone outside the clan. No information on the members page is to be given away to anyone not in the clan.
  6. Do not abuse the help of other clan members. This includes but is not limited to constant requests for spellups and asking for nexus to your quest mobs.
  7. Do not sell or give away Imperium property to anyone.
  8. Show respect to all members, no matter what rank or family they are in.
  9. Do not enter the maze without being accompanied by or having express permission from a leader.

Family Laws

  1. Every member must be in a family. New members will be assigned to Zxanguard for their probationary period, or until selected by a family leader.
  2. Each family must have a Family Head, and may have a Family Second. They are in charge of the family - you are expected to answer to your family heads.
  3. Each family has ranks that are given by the Family Head for achievements within the family. Your family name and rank are to be displayed in the "from" field of your finger information at all times.
  4. Each family may have its own rules, but they may not go against Imperial Law.
  5. A member can switch families on the conditions that the Family Head of the desired family agrees to accept the member and approval is gained from both the current Family Head and the Leaders.
  6. A Family Head must state reasons and gain approval from the leaders before moving a family member into Zxanguard for re-evaluation.
  7. Any changes between families must be noted to the whole clan.
  8. Each change in the commanding ranks of a family must be approved by the Leaders and noted to the whole clan.
  9. Family heads may choose to put inactive members of their family into Silver Shield with the consent of a leader.

How to Apply

Applicants to Imperium are expected to have attained at least level 200 and to have earned over 10,000qp.

Your application is to be posted on the Personal board addressed to Imperium.

Please detail:

  • Why Imperium?
  • What can you bring to the clan?
  • What do you hope to receive from Imperium?
  • A brief character history detailing any previous clans or names you may have had.
  • What Family you are interested in joining and why?
  • Who referred you if anyone.

What to expect

Upon receipt of your application you will receive a note from either a clan leader or the Family Head of Sweetsong notifying you whether your application has been accepted, requiring further details, or has been rejected.

There are usually at least three interviews, a minimum two of which will be with clan leaders.

You are expected to contact at least two leaders yourself. Please do not expect to be approached by them as you will be dissapointed.

Interviews generally last 5-30 minutes, and you may be given a task to complete which will generally be related to the family you wish to join. Failure to complete an assigned task may lead to your application being rejected. Players with less experience may be asked to work towards a larger, long term target to prove their ability and commitment


We expect applicants to complete their interviews within two weeks, though real life pressures on applicants and clan staff may extend this.

Once interviews are completed, successful applicants will be inducted while those that failed will be noted with the reason and whether they may apply again.

Good Luck!


Family Head: Chuft

The family of Zxanguard has been said by many to be the military family of a military clan. This is true in many ways, for they are the defenders and protectors of the clan and its allies. While all clan members are expected to defend when possible, defence is the primary focus of the Zxanguard soldiers, and they are the ones who are looked to for guidance and direction.

In times of peace, Zxanguard members are often to be found mentoring other Imperium members, helping them attain SH status.

In the most recent age, Zxanguard has been tasked with campaigning in epic areas to seek glory, honour, and wealth for themselves and their clan

As Zxanguard has a very heavy responsibility, its members are placed under many expectations that go above other clan members. Respect, honour, trustworthiness, self control, teamwork, dedication, concentration, and helpfulness are just a few of the qualities that a good member of Zxanguard is required to have.

As a military family, rules in Zxanguard are fairly strict. However, they take it as a team approach, and any member regardless of rank is always welcome to come to the family head or second with any problems, in or out of the family.


Zxanguard Duties

  • Defending the clan and it's allies from raiders
  • Mentoring other clan members
  • Assisting other clan members in attaining hero
  • Aiding the power up of other clan members
  • Running in Epic areas for himself and his allies
  • Self Empowerment (levelling)


Family Head: Chuft

Dro'Bher are the special forces of Imperium. Their sole purpose is to seek out and terminate enemies of the clan. They are the aggressive fist of Imperium, and as such, they hunt down the enemy and strike them in the very places they stand.

Members wishing to join Dro'Bher should be unforgiving, and single-minded. They must be skilled in, or willing to learn the art of PK. Dro'Bhers commonly involve themselves with player killing and raiding.


Dro'Bher Family Rules

  • Reciting of offensive scrolls such as web and dissolve are allowed to start fights.
  • You may flee from combat ONLY if you are attacked. If you start a fight, you will stay and fight until the end. We are not afraid to finish what we start.
  • No SH spellups before a PK hunt. If you can't do it on your own power, then you don't need to be doing it to begin with. Period.
  • Do not involve yourself in a fight below your level range, irrespective of whom is involved. Aiding and ally by fighting alongside them is allowed, SH healing a lowmort PK is not.
  • No taunting your opponents. This is strongly frowned upon, as we have more honour than that.

Any breach of these laws by any clan member will be taken extremely seriously and open to disciplinary action.


Family Head: Tigernuts

The Sweetsong Family was comprised of the bards and minstrels, historians and scholars of Imperium. They were in charge of the clan libraries, administration, exploration, and morale. They were the ones who would watch and listen, report Imperium news and keep the clan informed of any events which Imperium may have been victorious in. T hey also do such things as run activities and contests.

Those in Sweetsong required a good sense of humour, and used it in a lighthearted and happy manner. Sweetsong however was not only a family that plays- keeping track of Imperiums History is not always easy work.

Sweetsong was the least-militaristic of the families, but prospective members need to show initiative to take family tasks on themselves, selflessly working in the background for the furtherment of the clan as a whole. Players interested in mapping, exploring, guide-writing, and planning social events are particularly welcome in Sweetsong.

Old Jim Tigernuts still maintains the Sweetsong libraries - he is now old, hard of hearing, dim of sight, and his joints painful. Yet he will still know if you leave a single tome out of place.


Sweetsong Duties

  • Mapping unexplored areas
  • Documenting goals and features
  • Maintaining clan libraries (wiki/website)
  • Clan architecture and engineering (area/gear design)


Family Head: Growltiger (Acting head)

Before the great catastrophe, the Myrlind Family comprised of diplomats, priests, and missionaries who dedicated their lives to learning of, and creating relationships with new people and communities

Myrlinds were sociable, approachable, outgoing, and tactful. Not only did they excel at befriending people, but also knew when to hold their tongues when acting in the best interests of the clan - a skill now lost to time. Myrlind were the ears of the clan, keeping their finger on the pulse of the lands and offering advice to the leadership.

Myrlind members were not motivated by conquest, they were inspired to attract self-motivated members able to use their initiative and judgement.


Myrlind Duties

  • Scouting potential recruits
  • Vetting potential recruits
  • Monitoring the opposition
  • Montioring mud direction
  • Public relations